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How to write

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The following links may be useful to help you write your papers, dissertation, thesis, mini-dissertation or SPE report:



Agenda for Wednesday 20/4/2011

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Our meeting on Wednesday will be devoted to the discussion of ISSA abstracts.  Please bring your abstracts (and some spare copies) along.


Quantifying the trustworthiness of social media content

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The latest issue of Distributed and Parallel Databases (Vol 29, No 3) contains a paper  “Quantifying the trustworthiness of social media content” by  Sai T. Moturu & Huan Liu.  This paper may be useful to a number of you.

Visit by Dr Fred Cohen

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Dr Fred Cohen (probably best known as the ‘father’ of the computer virus) and his wife, Dr Susan Cohen, visited our research group from 11 to 15 April. The primary reason for the visit was the conferment of an honorary doctorate on Dr Fred Cohen for his contributions to the field of computer security over many years.

As part of his visit he presented a thought-provoking (and humourous) talk on “The need for and progress of science in information protection and digital forensics”.

The picture below was taken at his farewell dinner on Friday, 15 April 2011. The dinner was a working dinner during which we played musical chairs: the students present rotates every couple of minutes and all got to present their research ideas to Dr Cohen, who – in his typical style – thrashed them. The next stop on the rotation was Dr Susan Cohen (a psychologist) and my wife, Mariëtte (a medical doctor) who attempted to heal any psychological (or physical) scarring that may have occurred. In the picture below Dr Fred Cohen is talking to Justin (who is unfortunately not an ICSA student; one of the other recognisable faces in the background also belongs to a non-ICSA student, but we – like the other research groups in our department – always strive towards openness).

Dr Fred Cohen

Dr Fred Cohen talking to students

More details about Dr Fred Cohen is available on his website at all.net.

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