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Neil, Wesley and Wynand received their PhDs on 6 September, Emmanuel received his MSc and Leandi received her BCom.  Congratulations to all of them!

Neil and Wynand

Neil and Wynand



Wesley and Neil successfully defend their PhD theses

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Wesley Brandi and Neil Croft successfully defended their PhD theses last week and are set to graduate on 6 September.  The title of Neil’s thesis is On Privacy in Mobile Voice Communication Networks and Wesley’s is entitled In Search of Search Privacy.

Madeleine receives a 2011 L’Oréal-UNESCO Regional Fellowship for Women in Science in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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ICSA member, Madeleine Bihina Bella on Thursday received L’Oréal-UNESCO Regional Fellowship for Women in Science in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Madeleine with her award certificate

From the press release:

The L’Oréal Corporate Foundation created the For Women in Science partnership with UNESCO in 1998. Since then, over 1 000 women scientists across the globe have been distinguished by the L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards or supported in pursuing their careers through the various fellowship programmes.

“UNESCO is very enthusiastic about the Regional Fellowship For Women in Science in Sub-Saharan Africa because it contributes to the two global priorities of the organisation: The Priority Africa and the Priority Gender Equality. Through these Fellowships we are empowering women in science and ensuring that the scientific community in Africa is inclusive and diverse,” says Professor Joseph Massaquoi, Director for the Regional Bureau for Science in Africa and the President of the Jury for the L’Oréal-UNESCO Regional Fellowships For Women in Science in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In the picture below Madeleine has just received the award from Professor Joseph Massaquoi and is busy talking to Ursula Chikane.

Madeleine receiving her award from Ursula

Madeleine receiving her award

We as ICSA are proud to have one of these holders of a fellowship in our midst. She is not quite wealthy yet, but now she does have some money. And she now helps carry the torch for women in IT. We will support her in whatever way we can to help with this additional claim on her time.

There are some additional pictures on my personal site.

And the story made the newspapers.


ICSA meeting 8 June 2011 – Agenda

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  1. Discussion of SATNAC review process
  2. Presentation by Pedro on the chain of findings
  3.  Brainstorm with Mpho: What are the technical challenges to use honeypot information as evidence?
  4. AOB

We may be slightly late for tomorrow’s meeting – we have to escape from another meeting. Please forgive us if we are late.

Good luck to those who are writing exams. We are thinking about you.


ICSA meeting 1 June 2011 – Agenda

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We will today only have one agenda point at our meeting:
1. Discuss Mark-Anthony's paper on 3D image tampering detection.


ICSA meeting 25 May 2011 – Agenda

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At our meeting tomorrow we will

  1. Discuss attack scenarios (see Kamil’s email below)
  2. Visa requirements to attend conferences
  3. Sing “Happy birthday” to a special person
  4. Any other business
Wrt attack scenarios the following:
We would like everyone to try come up with a scenario in which a digital forensic investigation would be useful to discover the perpetrator of a crime involving personal information.
The scenario should be within the context of an organisation or company.
I [Kamil] look forward to seeing the products of your imagination and intellect!



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The pictures tell the story…


The invitation



Deep thought

Deep thought




Emmanuel defends his MSc

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Emmanuel today defended his MSc with panache!  The title of his dissertation is Reputation based trust in service-oriented network environments.


A picture of us

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ICSA members

ICSA members


IEEE Computer: Special Issue on Security and Privacy in an Online World

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Here is an excellent opportunity to publish in an ISI journal with an amazing turnaround time.  Look at the CFP.

The only problem: Papers are due on 1 June 2011…

I have recorded the details on my conference page for ease of reference.

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